Taulman nylon 910  

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Any advice on how to print this?

I managed bed adheison. I gluesticked it, and then made an even thin coating of this with a wet towel. So adheison is finaly good. Bluetape dis not work for me. 

Print bed was at 65 degrees and nozzle ad 255 degrees celsius. I do not have an enclosure, i tried to cover the peinter with blankets and slighly heat it with a heatgun, but i only managed to heat this up until 32 celsius. I will try a cardboard enclosure soon, but not shure if this is my only problem.. any advice would be great. As you can see in my pictures, the printing quality is very worse. 

I put the new sealed roll right into my newly printed drybox. Should i dry the filament even if its new? Is this the issue? I have very worse print quality and very worse l ayer adheission

Posted : 06/02/2020 7:11 am
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I haven't used the 910 yet but the roll of 645 I had needed to be dried right out of the bag.

Posted : 06/02/2020 9:33 pm
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You need an enclosure for 910. It's absolutely required. I keep the bed at 100C, glue on glass (but glue on PEI sheet should work too).


You can dry the filament spool inside the enclosure.

Posted : 13/02/2020 8:00 pm

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