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Tall print with overhangs???  

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Tall print with overhangs???

Hello everyone, hoping you can help with my problem. Printing a tall cylinder with lots of indentations, overhangs.... It is the electronics sled to my model rocket.

Wanting to print upright so cylinder portion is clean as possible....

Have started getting these strange waves in scaffolding which causes problems on overhanging layers.

Is this a temperature issue? It's almost as if the scaffolding is slumping? Do I need a fan running on the print?

A little concerned about my bed as well, it is starting to get bumps where previous prints were. Am wondering if these slight bumps are throwing upper layers off?

Posted : 23/02/2020 5:41 pm
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RE: Tall print with overhangs???

You can select the envelope mode for supports to help the wavies.  And my guess is it is cooling related.  Between the fan changing speeds, layer times, and drafts.

Bumps in the print sheet (smooth type) are usually glue out-gassing; the gas is usually reabsorbed in a few days of printing.

Posted : 24/02/2020 8:27 am