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Super adhesion of ASA  

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Super adhesion of ASA

I've been printing with this roll of ASA prusament in galaxy black I purchased a ways back. Reading the materials guide, Prusa recommends printing with this material on a clean smooth PEI sheet, which I tried on my first print. The adhesion was so strong I ripped a hole in the PEI the size of the print (about 20 mm diameter).

From there I tried the textured sheet where I get significant lifting and at the end of the print even when the bed is still hot can remove the print with the slightest tap of a finger. It seems like the material really barely hangs on to the textured sheet.

I tried smooth PEI with glue stick prep as well - back to super adhesion. I had to cut the print off with a razor blade and you can still see bubbling from where the print was adhered to the PEI.

What is the surface or surface prep method to print prusament ASA on?

Posted : 23/10/2020 4:13 pm
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RE: Super adhesion of ASA

Windex or school glue sticks.

Next time, try tossing the part on the sheet into a freezer for 30 minutes, parts generally pop off easily when really cold.

Posted : 23/10/2020 10:08 pm