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Sparse/Broken Infill  

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Sparse/Broken Infill

Hi Everyone,


Recently when I go to print parts the infill is not printing in solid lines (see attached picture). I have adjusted the z height, thinking maybe it was too high, and that did not change the infill problem. I have increased the amount of infill I use for prints, I usually use 3-5% for most prototyping, but have increased it to 15-20% and as high as 75%. It still comes out sparse and broken. I have not played with the flow or touched it in the slicer, but it is set to 95. I have realized that the support material interface in the prusaslicer has been changed to 100% from the default setting of 80%, would that effect the infill or just the supports? Thank you, hope someone has some advice!


Background: This is my works newer printer (purchased Dec. 2020), I helped build it and do the regular maintenance on it. I have a mk2s at home that I have had for 3 years now and it never gives me problems.


Posted : 18/03/2021 10:14 pm
Dan Rogers
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RE: Sparse/Broken Infill

You are under-extruding.  Do a cold pull, and clean out your nozzle with the accupuncture needle that came with your printer.  Technique is described in your book(s) somewhere under maintenance/trouble-shooting.  

I'll bet your prints are brittle and break apart easily in your hands as well.

Posted : 19/03/2021 12:47 am