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spaces between brim lines  

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spaces between brim lines

Hi, when using a brim to prevent a print from getting loose from the printing surface, I notice that there is a clear interspacing between the brim lines. The same happens with the solid first (and later) layers. Also in my design which is a flat surface with some holes in it, the circles drawn to create the holes sometimes do not stick to the print bed properly and the extruder often does not completely switch off between head moves. It sort of drags a very thin wire with it. Can anybody explain this or give me some clues how to get a better print? The picture I uploaded shows an interrupted print. I'm using PLA and the so called 'optimal' setting om my I3 MK3.

Posted : 22/03/2019 10:29 pm
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Re: spaces between brim lines

First thing you need to do is "Live adjust Z" in settings and lower the nozzle. I usually go in -0.10mm increments once its at least sticking to the bed. Your skirt line is almost completely round. The proper line profile your aiming for is in the Prusa manual:

Posted : 22/03/2019 11:23 pm
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Re: spaces between brim lines

set your live z with this method it is far better than the zig zag method in the firmware

Posted : 22/03/2019 11:52 pm
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Re: spaces between brim lines

First Layer Calibration is off. See Rand's comment. But you also have contaminants on the bed that is causing the filament to lift.

Hot Water wash: as needed
Handle the bed only by the edges.
Wash the bed in hot water, use a fresh paper towel as a wash cloth, with a few drops of plain dish soap (Dawn, unscented, no anti-bacterial, etc.). Rinse well in hot water - if you have very soft water, rinse a bit longer.
Dry the bed with a fresh paper towel.
Handle the bed only by the edges.
Place bed on printer.

Alcohol rinse: every few prints
Once in a while, an alcohol rinse is helpful.
Pour a 5 cm puddle of 91%+ alcohol in the middle of the bed, use a fresh paper towel to scrub the bed. Wipe up all the alcohol.

Streak test: when contamination is suspected and after a wash
With a fresh piece of paper towel, and very clean fingers, dampen the towel with 91%+ alcohol, and wipe the bed side to side moving back to front, like you're painting it with alcohol. The alcohol should be thin enough on the towel it quickly evaporates. If you see any streaks, the bed is dirty and needs a wash.

Acetone wash: infrequent
Pour a 2 cm puddle of acetone on the bed, scrub it around with a fresh paper towel. It will evaporate fast as you clean. This step removes PEI oxides that form over time and with heat, and improves PLA adhesion to a like new state.

Posted : 23/03/2019 5:29 am