Small issues while printing with PETG  

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Hi everybody!

New user of an MK3s, I only printed PLA up until now. I made some feets for my chairs that are not high enough:


Since it's a print that will be exposed to the sun and have some mechanical constraint, I tought it was a nice usecase for PETG, so I printed it in PETG too(with some Prusament filament(urban grey).

But it seems the PETG "melts more":

  • I've a small Fillet on the bottom of my pieces, and I see the corner kind of falling(this is not very obvious on the picture but quite visible when printing and looking at the piece
  • When it printed the top inner part(the first layer above the infill), I can clearly see the infill(gyroid) pattern:

The gcode was generated with the "Prusament PETG" of prusaslicer(which seems correct according to what is written on the spool):

  • First layer @240°C, Bed @85°
  • Other layer @250°C, Bed @90°

I took the the 0.30mm DRAFT profile of prusa slicer and just changed the layer height to 0.4mm and the infill to gyroid

It was the first print through octoprint, but I guess it doesn't change anything


so my question: Is this result expected? How can I improve this? 

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Posted : 11/08/2020 5:01 am

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