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I'm a bit new to 3d printing and just recently got my MK3s so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious. Most things print fine but I've been trying to print some very small model train parts and for some reason the slicer seems to remove or ignore parts of the model when it slices them.

You can see in the images that where the cross members meet, the middle is gone once it is sliced. I tried repairing the STL (I did not make the model it is from thingiverse) and it still has the same issue.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Posted : 07/09/2019 1:40 am
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Looks like normals may be flipped in the center bar. Try doing a repair - select the part, right click, select Fix through Netfabb. If the part now has the same shade of green it should be fixed.

You may also be able to fix it in your cad program before export but the "how" is application dependent.


Posted : 07/09/2019 5:11 am
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A little background reading on manifold geometry might help.

You might see messages in Slicer about Manifold (good) or non-Manifold (bad).

Manifold is printable. Non-manifold might not be.

A place to start that explains most of the terms would be:

There are some web sites that will attempt to repair broken models. And Thingiverse has a lot of broken models...

Posted : 07/09/2019 5:48 am
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Also - where faces meet slicer will make best guesses for borders and boundaries that are often thin wall related. Essentially, if you design a part that overlays two 2x4 sticks (separate shells) that intersect, the intersection is often undefined. Is it a void or a solid?

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