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Shall I replace the nozzle?  

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Shall I replace the nozzle?


Yesterday I left the printer working and when I came back I found that it started understudying at some high.

Later I was doing some tests with the extrusion and the filament was not extruded regularly. I thought it could be a clog in the extruder so I preheated the nozzle to 295 and used the acupuncture needle to remove the possible blocker.

It has been clogging more frequently since I tried to make mmu2 work (now is not connected)

Shall I replace the nozzle? Could it be something else broken?

Thank you

Posted : 21/05/2019 6:04 am
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RE: Shall I replace the nozzle?

Using a needle is almost a waste of time. If there is something there, then you are simply poking it back up only for it to fall back down again.

Better would be to do some cold pulls to clean things out. Ideally use cleaning filament, but you can also use any filament made for the highest temp you've run stuff through (though I suggest a light color so gunk is easier to see). Keep repeating the process until you get nice clean points.

Another thing I will do from time to time is remove the nozzle and heat it up with my heat gun. Then I'll use needles and picks to clean it out good.

If/when you try the MMU again, try raising "Filament Setting -> Advanced -> Unloading speed at the start" to 120mm/s. I saw that recommendation and since I started to use it I haven't had trouble with clogs or hairy retractions for tool changes.

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Posted : 21/05/2019 9:51 pm liked
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RE: Shall I replace the nozzle?

Hi gnat

I don't have heat gun but I am going to test the cold pulls as you suggested and I could try to unmount the nozzle and check if I am able to clean it fast.

For sure I will try the configuration for the MMU. Now I need some days of resting around it jejeje.

Thank you!

Posted : 22/05/2019 5:44 pm