Resuming print after faulty Flex filament switch  

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First time post... I recently built my i3 MK3S and am printing a part that starts with PETG and then switches to Flexfill 98A. The PETG printed beautifully. The printer then prompted me to switch to the FlexFill. I did so and everything went down hill. First it was all stringy and then I quickly realized I had the dreaded FlexFill jam. I unscrewed the screw and checked for filament around the bondtech and removed a twisted mess.

I'd like to resume the print from the point where the printer asks me to change to FlexFill. How do I do that? I also clearly have to check my screw tightness and other FlexFill98A printer settings...

Thanks for any help with this! I'm trying to print a face mask for a dentist friend of mine.


Posted : 31/05/2020 8:01 pm

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