Prusament ASA and others  

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Hi there, 

I couldn't find anything recent on ASA. I am happy MMU and print mainly PETG and PLA that way (see my posts/prints). I just wanted to switch to ASA and encountered a few initial problems. 

I started off with functional mono color ASA prints in small scale in an enclosure with an oval shelter around it. Prusament ASA Galaxy Black, And although I tried already something like 10 prints I get the lift offs of the barrier around it. 

Judging from that current state it will be totally useless to do multicolor. What are your experiences with ASA? I really love the smoothing, so I would prefer to got with ASA in the future for functional prints. I got a few spools of Fillamentum. Are they any better/other?

Posted : 01/12/2019 7:08 pm

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