Problems with removing support structure (PETG, picture attached)  

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Hello Prusa community,

I'm quite new to printing, but so far my prints are running quite well. I have just one problem, which I couldn't solve by myself so far:

For the part I'm printing at the moment, I need to place support structure on the part itself. The Slicer puts two layers between the part and the support structure by default, which I find nearly impossible to remove. Any suggestions how to print the support and the removing it easier?

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Posted : 12/09/2019 10:11 am
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Check the Z separation. Prusa Slicer defaults to .1, which is for soluble supports.

Change it to .2 (removable). And leave a little gap between X Y pieces. Only support overhead.

It will always be hard to get perfectly clean separation...

Posted : 12/09/2019 4:49 pm
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I use no interface layers when supporting flat surfaces, and set contact Z to 0.01 mm (zero dot zero one).  This allows direct support and minimizes bridging droop and creates a flat underside.  I also adjust support spacing and angle to best support the direction of the bridging filament - 2 mm is sometimes too close together. This part I used 3.9 mm spacing.

It is always wise to get more than one opinion......
Posted : 12/09/2019 8:24 pm
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