Problem with ColorFabb PLA / PHA Filaments  

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Dear all,

I have lots of problems printing with ColorFabb PLA / PHA Filaments. I bought them from the PRUSA shop together with my Original Prusa i3 MK3. I usually use Prusament PLA that works like a charm.

I attach some screenshots of the bed after a failed print together with a screenshot of the nozzle which is covered in melted filament.

I used slic3r PE to slice my model and entered ColorFabb PLA / PHA as the filament preset for the slicing.

Am I using the wrong temperature (210ºC)? Wrong bed temperature (60ºC)? Wrong distance between the bed and the nozzle? Both? Neither?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


Posted : 05/04/2019 5:49 pm
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I also bought a roll since Mad Maker was out of the smaller rolls of green. This stuff is a nightmare. All my other rolls print just fine but i am barely able to get the skirt down without it balling around the nozzle. I reset my z back to my normal and use another roll and it prints just fine.

Posted : 08/04/2019 1:42 am
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Thank you, terry.a2... So, overall ColorFabb is... 🤦‍♂️

Posted : 09/04/2019 11:59 am
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I've had good success with printing ColorFabb PLA/PHA. Bed adhesion is certainly an issue, but on my lightly sanded PEI sheet (simply sanded to make it matte with a 600 grit sandpaper), it held well enough at 50/60ºC bed temperature. I always clean the sheet with IPA and/or Acetone before printing PLA or PLA/PHA. What's worse (at least for me), is that the properties vary wildly with color. A Ultramarine Blue PLA/PHA requires printing at 200ºC (otherwise it'd show temperature artifacts), whereas Transparent Green required 230ºC (at standard temps the layer adhesion was bad). They also have a very different feel, like if they were entirely different materials.

Posted : 26/04/2019 8:50 pm
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So i had the opportunity to work with my roll some more and think i have my problem solved.  Figured i would share my findings in case it can be of use to someone else.  

I started following the directions in the life-adjust-z-my-way While it did help a little what i noticed the gcode was printing the first layer a bit slower.  after loading the profile he said he used into simplify things started working right.  I like Simplify well enough but kinda like Slic3r PE a bit better.  

 I haven't really messed with the speeds so it should be what they had in stock other than lowering support material to 30mm.   I changed my first layer speed until i reached 30%.  The skirt started sticking and a test print looked pretty good though i had issues with supports curling in the first layer.  I upped my first layer temp to 230c with other layers being 220c. After this the i was able to get a really good first layer supports and all.   This worked with leaf green and don't know if it will with other colors.

Posted : 30/04/2019 5:22 am
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Hi.  I am having problems with Leaf Green like you did.  Thanks for the recommendations.  Have you anymore wisdom to share?

thanks,  Steve

Posted : 08/05/2021 11:54 pm

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