Printing with Nylon at 260-280C  

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I am about to test a new spool of Nylon filament.(FrontierFila 1.75mm Nylon).

The specifications are telling that I should print at a temperature in the range of 260C-280C.

I was wondering if the PTFE hotend will take these kind of temperatures. Correct me if I am wrong, but PTFE start decomposing above 240C.

What do you think?



Posted : 20/07/2019 2:57 am
Dave Avery
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the e3d v6 is all metal

Posted : 20/07/2019 3:04 am
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Ummm ... how hot does the PTFE in the Prusa E3D-V6 hot end get?  I wonder if there is a spec in any of the many manuals that are available?

Posted : 20/07/2019 7:53 am
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I couldn’t find any specs.

In the material guide section of the Prusa website, there is ASA and PC-ABS that require a nozzle temperature of 280cC and there is no specific warning.

I will test anyway and let you know if I encounter problems 

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Posted : 21/07/2019 12:15 pm
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The PTFE does not extend into the hot end, it stops above the heat-break. So unless your heatsink gets up to 250C, you'll be fine. And if it does... you've got bigger issues.

Posted : 21/07/2019 1:18 pm
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I can confirm.  You can print Nylon on a Prusa.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 21/07/2019 2:50 pm

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