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Printing with Filaflex 70A - any advice / experience?  

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Printing with Filaflex 70A - any advice / experience?

Dear Members,

I've tried to print Filaflex 70A on Prusa i3 MK3S+ but without success and I don't understand what can I do to succeed! I've printed Filaflex 82A and 95A without any problems

Some utile information regarding printing TPU (not specific on Filaflex 70A) I found here: 




Now, on the Recreus website there is an interesting article regarding How to print with the flexible filament Filaflex?

In my understanding, the Direct Drive, E3D V6 hotend ( ) has a similar design with the one described in the Recreus article because has the PTFE tube inside and there isn't "any gap that may exist between the thrust pulleys and the inlet hole of the extruder hotend". I've used a speed of 15mm/sec, MVS OF 1.6, extrusion multiplier 1.15, "Loosen your bondech idler until is seems too loose (around 1-2 mm above the extruder housing)"

Do you have any supplementary suggestions? 

Thank you in advance!

Posted : 22/10/2021 6:20 pm