Printer box frame  

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Hi all,

So at my library we have this frame for our 3D printer that, unfortunately, experienced a mishap. Based off the photos I've included can you tell me where I could get replacements for the orange parts? I would appreciate it. Thank you. 


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Posted : 05/03/2021 7:56 pm
Dan Rogers
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Hi - that looks like it might have been a set of IKEA LACK tables that were stacked and held together with 3d printed parts - to make an elevated enclosure - perhaps on wheels.  Am I close?  I hear they fall over easily.

There are many downloadable parts sets here for turning stacked LACK tables into printer enclosures.  You libraries was likely built from one of those.  Take a gander over in the Prints section - there is a 3d printer section and a enclosure section under that - or just search LACK

Posted : 05/03/2021 10:29 pm

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