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Print artifacts  

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Print artifacts

Hi, I’ve got some problems with this prints. I’ve printed the same models both in my new prusa mk3s (photo 1,2,5) and in my cheap alfawise U30 (photo 3,4,6) and I’m noticing some artifacts (the lines in the wall) in the prusa prints that I can’t see in the alfawise. In particular around a cut in a wall (first model) and in a series of holes (some are deformed in photo 5 because I tried to force something in them since they were not consistent at all, while with the alfawise they were perfect). The first model was printed with 0.1 quality, 100% infill and all supports in the prusa (prusa slicer) and with 0.2 resolution on the alfawise (cura). The second was printed on both with a resolution of 0.2 and 100% infill (using respectively prusa slicer and cura). How could I solve this issue? Thanks 

ps pla was used for all the prints 

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Posted : 26/09/2020 9:52 am
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RE: Print artifacts

I think this ghosting or ringing.

Chuck H
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Posted : 26/09/2020 12:55 pm
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RE: Print artifacts

To me It looks like your filament isn't extruding properly, possibly an Under-extrusion issue.

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Posted : 26/09/2020 3:45 pm