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Dan Rogers
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I'm in the final finish step of printing a clear window for the back of the print-in-place collapsible bird-house print.  I printed it in Overture Clear PETG - with three layers, taking care to make sure all of the filament tracks were in the same direction, and directly over each other in each layer.  With Prusa Slicer that was a long experiment with several never-gonna-be-clear tries.   Finally I got this beautiful flat sheet with every line in the same direction - the same layer to layer.  That took the following:

  • Eliminate top and bottom layers
  • Set max speed to 20mm/s - too fast and you cannot get it clear
  • Set cooling to off.  Totally off.  Cooling clouds the print.
  • Layer height .1
  • Infill: Fill Density 100%
  • Infill: Fill Pattern Concentric
  • Infill: Length of Infill Anchor 600%
  • Infill: Maximum length of infill Anchor 50
  • Infill: Fill angle 0
  • Speed:  Speed for print moves:  Set every value in this section to 20
  • Advanced: Extrusion width: Set every value in this section to 0.5
  • Advanced: Overlap: Set to 35%
  • Filament Settings: Filament: Extrusion Multiplier 1.01
  • Filament Settings: Filament Overrides: Retraction: Length 3.05
  • Filament Settings: Filament Overrides: Retraction: Retraction Speed: 30
  • Filament Settings: Filament Overrides: Retraction: Minimal travel after retraction 1
  • Custom filament GCODE override - I did have this at M900 K0, but the new slicer modified that when it opened the file to M900 K0.08

After a good print of this, I had considerable sanding.  150 grit, then 250 grit, then 400 wet sand, then 800 wet sand, then steel wool then clear coat.   The result, I'll post a pic a little later (deciding weather to sand out the clear coat drip marks ...) - came out impressive.  From across the room you can see that it is clear and you can see through it and clearly make out what's in the room around you.

Posted : 25/01/2021 5:54 pm
Dan Rogers
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Posted : 26/01/2021 12:19 am
Dan Rogers
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I went with "show it even with the overspray drips (distorting some of the field of view slightly).

Posted : 26/01/2021 12:20 am

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