pctpe - warping - help please  

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Hi, i recently got some PCTPE from Taulman 3D.


I cannot manage a print without warping.


Filament is dried in a food dehydrator at 65c for 12 hours, so its dry. It is then kept in a dry box full of colour indicating desiccant while printing. 


I have tried different settings as well as different build surface, i even made an enclosure hoping it would help ... It did but not as much as expected.

All settings have been tried with all build surface, with and without the enclosure (45c) and with a heated bed from 40c all the way up to 105c, on two different MK3s.


The part has a 8mm brim.


Build surface list :

  • PEI + glue stick
  • PEI + pva
  • Powder coated + glue stick
  • Powder coated + pva
  • Glass + pva
  • Garolite + pva
  • Garolite sanded 220grit
  • Garolite sanded 220 grit + pva


About the print settings, I used 80% of abs speed as recommended by Taulman 3D. I then, manually used the lcd knob to reduce the speed down to 60% to see if speed was affecting warping or not and it didnnt seem to affect it.


After spending the last 3 weeks trying to get this PCTPE to print, i am running out of ideas to make things better.


Has anyone ever experienced with PCTPE ? 
Any ideas/suggestion would be really appreciated.


Thank you very much for your help.


Posted : 28/02/2020 8:23 pm

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