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I have a Mk3S print from SD cards. Sometime I need to pause the print for a variety of non-emergency reasons (to clear a bit of loose plastic, remove a bug that flew in, insert a component into a recess, etc.) 

When I use the 'Pause print' option, it immediately stops printing and moves the head out of the way. On resuming the print there's a small amount of the print missing so the part will have a defect.

My workaround has been to use the Tune/ Change filament option. When this option is selected, there is a small delay with the display saying 'Finishing moves' Then you have to change the filament (or in my case remove and re-load). But on resuming the print, the match to where the print had stopped is very good and there is no defect.

So it seems that 'Pause print' acts as an emergency stop and it looses any buffered data in the effort to immediately stop.

And of course there is the 'Stop' option which continues to print whilst asking if you're sure.

To me, these are not intuitive menu options, and to have the change filament under Tune is an odd choice.

My suggestion is to rationalize these options with two menu items:

  - Stop Immediately

  - Pause print

When Stop Immediately is selected, the print stops immediately and the user is given the options to either Cancel the print or Resume printing (with a slight print mismatch as you get with the current Pause option)

When Pause is selected, the print continues to finish moves and the head moves to the position of that is used for the Change Filament option. The user is then given the options to Resume print, with no print mismatch or Change filament.

All the code is written for these, so it can't be too difficult to implement and would make a more intuitive interface.

This is a small irritation and not a complaint - my printer is great and I would love it to be even better!

Posted : 08/08/2019 5:12 pm
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If it is a planned pause to insert an object into a print (captured nut, magnet, etc), you can program in the change using custom C-code. I have a dishwasher magnet on Thingiverse that has this in the .3mf file:

To save you from having to download something that you may not be interested in, here is the code in the Before layer change G-Code (the link to the forum post here about the technique is in the comments, thanx Joan):

{if layer_z==4.20}; Pause to insert magnets
M300 S987 P133 ; beep
; code snippet by Prusa forums joantabb here:
G1 X10.000 Y200.000 E0; parking position GET THE PRUSA TO STICK IT'S TONGUE OUT! (edited to revise Y coordinate)
M1; user stop
M105; return to current temp


Posted : 13/08/2019 5:17 pm

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