Need help smoothing the model  

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Ok so i'll keep it short i need help with couple of things

1- when i make the model and print it it look like it made of layers how to i make it smooth   like solid now i relize i wont get 100% my modle look like  this model layers  

i have watched some videos but they do it in program different than prusa slicer that i downloaded from prusa website  please tell me how do i smooth it explain in details if you can 

2- in the printer screen sometimes before i print i see multiple choices like smooth smooth 1 texture 1 texture 2 

what are these ?? sometimes  they appear and sometimes  they dont !! 

Posted : 23/11/2019 4:36 am
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Is this a duplicate post?  Pretty sure Neo and I answered this.

It is always wise to get more than one opinion......
Posted : 23/11/2019 7:11 pm

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