Micro-Howto: Filaflex 82A my first print  

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Tonight I started printing flexible. Here a micro Howto on printing with filaflex 82A on a 3s.

At first: Read all articles you can find on printing with flexible material and consider them before trusting me.

At Second: Be sure your printer operates with materials like PLA or PET perfectly. Compare to others to get a picture.

At Third: Prepare your printing area to avoid the really adhesive material to glue on it. I used the Prusa Gluestick. It worked but it may be not the solution for larger prints.

I used Filaflex 82A from from Recreus (was a good buy).

Downloaded the Recreus Sliz3r parameter files. I utilize Linux - files or paths may differ.

Created/Added in ~/.PrusaSlicer/filament/Filaflex.ini the part of the Recreaus-Sli3r file dealing with filament:

bed_temperature = 0
bridge_fan_speed = 100
cooling = 1
disable_fan_first_layers = 2
extrusion_multiplier = 1.05
fan_always_on = 0
fan_below_layer_time = 60
filament_colour = #FFFFFF
filament_diameter = 1.75
first_layer_bed_temperature = 0
first_layer_temperature = 240
max_fan_speed = 100
min_fan_speed = 100
min_print_speed = 20
slowdown_below_layer_time = 5
temperature = 235

This new filament has to be registered in ~/.PrusaSlicer/PrusaSlicer.ini in the section [filaments]

ColorFabb HT = 1
ColorFabb PLA-PHA = 1
ColorFabb XT = 1
ColorFabb XT-CF20 = 1
ColorFabb bronzeFill = 1
ColorFabb copperFill = 1
ColorFabb corkFill = 1
ColorFabb nGen = 1
ColorFabb nGen flex = 1
ColorFabb steelFill = 1
ColorFabb woodFill = 1
E3D Edge = 1
E3D PC-ABS = 1
Filaflex = 1

Then I restarted the Prusa-Slizer.

A new print got me the possibility to choose "Filaflex" for the filament.


Under Printer-Settings (Expert Mode) I set all printing velocities to 15mm/sec.

I choose "0.15 Quality" and "Origional Prusa iS MK3S"

Then I printed and the outcome was really good.

Not the perfect solution, but it works.








Posted : 27/10/2019 1:47 am
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Hi there, thanks for the tips.
I'm about to print with the same filament, too.
I was curious about why you chose the 0.15 Quality, instead of the FilaFlex profile.
I will also try to disable the retraction as many have suggested, any thoughts about that?


Posted : 20/05/2020 11:04 pm
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I chose the 0.15 Quality AND the filaflex Profile.

Without retraction you will have a terrible amount of stringing. You will have a bit of stringing in any case, but without retraction it will be worse.

If you print a bunch of objects in one run it may be a good idea to use the print setting for "print objects seperately". "Output-Options" -> "Sequential printing" -> "Compatible single objects". I put these words in quotes since I have a german UI and have to guess the correct terms in english. It is a bit of struggle to position the objects correctly, but the outcome prove it is worth.

And be really carefull with the preparation of the heatbed. You will need a good anti glue material to seperate the frist layer from the heatbed. The glue pen from Prusa works quite good. Important is to coat all of the surface where you will print AND the initial line as well.

Happy printing




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