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Layer under supports not smooth, rest of print fine.  

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Layer under supports not smooth, rest of print fine.

Hey all,

I've been having issues with prints that require supports. I've had my MK3s about a year now and initially I had problems with supports not being easy to remove. However, this thread really helped and a big thanks to Bob for the settings:

But despite the supports now coming off easily, where they 'join' the print, that first layer or two looks really bad. Almost like spaghetti. I find myself having to manipulate prints at weird angles to make sure the bulk of the model won't have supports. Once printed, no amount of sanding will fix it/hide it.

I tried to print a sword (comes in parts) and have uploaded the print here so you can see. My layer calibration is really good and if the model doesn't require any support, it comes out perfect. The opposite of the uploaded picture is really smooth and how it should be.

Happens on any layer height from 0.15mm to 0.3mm. I'm using a 0.4mm nozzle and usually run my temps mid range for PLA (210-215 depending on filament... *cough ebay).

If anyone has any settings/suggestions, please let me know!

Posted : 03/06/2020 10:24 pm
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RE: Layer under supports not smooth, rest of print fine.

The surface being supported will never be as smooth as if printed on the bed. This is because of the gap needed to make the supports removable. That first layer above the support is essentially being printed mid air. Rotating your object around to minimize supports or cause supports to print in areas that will not be easily see is something you always want to try and do. One, it minimizes the amount of filament you use, and two it gives you a cleaner print.

That said however, it does look like you have other problems with your print in that photo. Can you post the 3mf file of your object and slicer settings?

Posted : 04/06/2020 1:56 pm
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RE: Layer under supports not smooth, rest of print fine.



I recognise it will never be as smooth, but this is unusable. A friend suggested swapping to the smooth sheet and printing the sword piece on end with no supports. I'm currently trialing that.

One thing I did notice (and will start a new thread), is I did a recalibration and belt test. It failed on the X belt saying it was loose. Fair enough as it's been running for 12 months pretty much non stop. 🤣 Except the bottom screw holding the back plate on wont tighten anymore. Cable tie fixed that issue.

Did a new Z layer calibration for the plate and am printing again. If it fails, will post the file and print settings.

Thanks so far!

Posted : 06/06/2020 3:31 am
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RE: Layer under supports not smooth, rest of print fine.

Without seeing the actual geometry, I will guess this is to be the handle of the sword?

You could also split the part in half in the blade's plane. Then you can print the two halves with both exterior surfaces facing up. That will produce a nice surface for both halve's visible portion.

Add some geometry to your model so you can join the two halves together with hardware or glue.

Posted : 06/06/2020 7:43 am