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Globby PETG print  

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Globby PETG print

Hello, first time printing PETG and prints seem globby, is this normal for a print like this? I have tried 230-250 in temps and slowed print down and fans are at 50%. Using .6mm nozzle at .2 layer height and 90 deg bed, any suggestions?

Posted : 14/05/2019 5:36 pm
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RE: Globby PETG print

I'm far to new to offer any slicer help but I just recently printed my first PETG prints over the weekend and had to bake my PETG for a couple of hours before I could get any decent results.  I'm in Houston so I'm always having to bake my filament.  Just a thought. 

Posted : 14/05/2019 7:21 pm