G92 code for Y is being ignored  

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Hello this is my first post so bear with me if this was already posted (I tried to check if someone else had it but found none)

I'm a proud user of a Prusa MK3 which works perfectly for 3D prints, but I also use it with Flatcam to itch PCBs.

In order to set the proper printing area on the PCB I use G92 codes to set as zero the current pos.

On later firmwares it was relatively working but on latest it's ignoring G92 code for Y. 

The Z and X are properly set to 0.

Any ideas why? (copying here the first part)


(G-CODE GENERATED BY FLATCAM v8.991 - www.flatcam.org - Version Date: 2019/12/27)

(Name: Free_load_bot)
(Type: G-code from Geometry)
(Units: MM)

(Created on Saturday, 16 May 2020 at 20:22)

(TOOL DIAMETER: 0.32 mm)
(Feedrate: 600.0 mm/min)
(Feedrate_Z: 300.0 mm/min)
(Feedrate rapids 1500.0 mm/min)

(Z_Cut: -0.1 mm)
(Z_Move: 3.0 mm)
(Z Toolchange: 15.0 mm)
(X,Y Toolchange: 0.0000, 0.0000 mm)
(Z Start: None mm)
(Z End: 15.0 mm)
(Steps per circle: 64)
(Preprocessor Geometry: default)

(X range: -0.7061 ... 60.0405 mm)
(Y range: -0.7052 ... 60.0913 mm)

(Spindle Speed: None RPM)

G91 ; Switch to relative
G0 X-60.06 ; Back to the other side origin
G90 ; Back to absolute

G92 X0.0;Current position is X 0
G92 Y0.0;Current position is Y 0
G92 Z0.0;Current position is Z 0

G01 F600.00
G00 Z3.0000

G00 X1.5948 Y1.3513
G01 F300.00
G01 Z-0.1000
G01 F600.00
G01 X1.5948 Y8.1280
G01 X1.5956 Y8.1594
G01 X1.5993 Y8.2341
G01 X1.6054 Y8.2966
G01 X1.6164 Y8.3706
G01 X1.6287 Y8.4322
G01 X1.6468 Y8.5048

Posted : 28/06/2020 12:33 am
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Sorry can't help with G92 other than to say the G92 description has comments about restrictions.

Very interested in making PCB#s on my 3d printer. Could you post a description of the process and perhaps a few pic's showing resolution. Thanks in advance.

Posted : 28/06/2020 4:22 pm
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I follow the same principles as in this page: http://www.lamja.com/?p=635

I works pretty decent in terms of resolution, its a little more complex when dealing with two sided boards.

For the time being I'm positioning the tool in the required position and reset the printer, since G92 is ignored for Y axis.
Any idea on other gcode options?

Posted : 29/06/2020 4:30 pm
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