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Extruder Default Issue  

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Extruder Default Issue

I'm trying to print this Wolverine in MMU2S using tree supports from meshmixer. How can i make the tree supports a "wipe into" option or have the printer use whatever color is being printed on another item in that layer on the supports like how prusaslicer does with their support? I used the default option under Extrusion drop down selection thinking that it would do it but it selects the first roll (Extruder 1 color) instead of whatever other color is being used in that layer. Another option that i tried was converting the tree support files into support enforcer trying to make prusaslicer think its a support and having it select the colors like it does automatically, but when doing that it actually changes that item into a prusaslicer support, changing the way it looks into the rectangular support system.


Posted : 15/02/2020 4:29 am