ERROR: There is an object with no extrusions on the first layer.

ERROR: There is an object with no extrusions on the first layer.  

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I'm trying to print this:

When I put the stl file for the pincer into PrusaSlicer, though, I get the error in the top. What's weird is that it worked just fine the first time I tried to slice the file with PrusaSlicer, but when I went to slice it again to export the G-code, it gave me this error. I don't recall making any changes to the print settings between the first and the second time. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks

Edit: What's weird is that I closed the app, opened it up again, and now I'm getting the same error, but a different result in the slice preview.

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Posted : 15/02/2021 5:49 am

Good Morning Peter, that part has an error in the STL, 
when you load the item, it shows four 'arms'
when you slice it, you get the error message and one arm disappears...  

If you right click on the item on the item in the 3D Viewer window and click 'Fix through the Netfabb' then the STL will be repaired, and the error will go away... 
(the arm circled in Red, is the one which disappears!)
regards Joan

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Posted : 15/02/2021 11:10 am
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Thank you for the help! I appreciate it.

Posted : 15/02/2021 6:04 pm
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I'm having this same issue with a rather flat STL file. I can't see any issues in the file and I don't get the Netfabb option in my PrusaSlicer... probably because I don't make STL files so I don't have the correct software. Any other ideas on how to fix a file?

Posted : 08/04/2021 5:58 pm
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The fix through netfabb option is not related to design software, however it is only available on windows 10 installations. Win 10 has a  built in api to access netfabb which PS takes advantage of.
Other operating system can use the netfabb online website to do the same fix but it does require signing up for a free account. 

There are also other bits of software you can use to fix stl/mesh files like mesh mixer or Blender for example. 

Posted : 08/04/2021 8:25 pm

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