Does my Filamentum PLA Crystal Clear hate me?  

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Hi all

I have been having no joy in printing what I would call thin wall prints with this filament. 2 aborted lithophanes and one aborted vase mode windmill. All with the same issue. Starts really well and quality is good but at around the 1.5 to 2hr mark the extruder blocks and I end up printing in mid air. These prints are neither the thinnest, tallest nor longest prints done and my other PLA's and PETG prints were fine and all on stock settings. Is there something specific about this particular filament I am not taking account of? Something I should have tweeked? I actually like the filament and "solids" do print really well it just looks like thin wall or thin sections I'm having a problem with.





Posted : 09/06/2020 11:53 am

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