Can I print this phone case using single extruder with two colors?

Can I print this phone case using single extruder with two colors?  

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I am familiar with m600 and Colorprint in Slicer... 
Can I print this phone case using single extruder with two colors?
The spider and the case are two parts.
I am just not sure how I go about it.


Posted : 11/09/2019 5:49 pm
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Print the case in black or your choice of color.

Switch filament to your choice of spider color. Print spider.

Glue spider into case. There may be better glues - but I would super glue it.



Posted : 11/09/2019 5:57 pm
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You can manually change the colors during a multi-color print. It is quite tedious and I, personally, wouldn't do it for lots of colors and/or for a tall print. But I did do it for this Thingiverse make. As I mentioned in the make notes, I followed the technique described in this forum post.

The short and sweet of it, set up for a multi-extruder print, assign the parts to different extruders, and put M600 as the tool-change g-code. Then sit and swap filaments while the print happens.

Posted : 11/09/2019 9:39 pm
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Let us know how you get on!


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Posted : 11/09/2019 10:19 pm
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Oh, I forgot to mention and you are probably not familiar with this detail (I wasn't) since you don't have an MMU. (At least I'm assuming you don't have an MMU, because otherwise you would just be using that...) 😉

When you are importing the STL files, first import one of the objects just like for any other print. You need to import the second STL differently, you need to add the second STL as a part to the first. To do this you must be in either Advanced or Expert mode. See this screenshot:

Then once the parts are loaded, change your extruder quantity and all the rest of the steps.

Good luck! (You might want to have a book on hand to pass the time between filament swaps.) 😉

Posted : 11/09/2019 10:33 pm
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Thanks for your suggesitons.
I can see how you do this in the old slic3r by assigning diff extruders to each part now, thanks.
In old version, I guess you have to flip and resize first before importing part...

I cannot find how to change the extruder to 2nd part in newer Prusa Slicer?
I flick on all settings on spider part but don't see Extruder?   see pic

I was trying meshing setting and wanted to change the color of the symbol:

Yeah, I know of MMU, it's back in a box!  
I just would super glue myself!

Posted : 12/09/2019 3:02 am
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I see that there is only one filament drop-down, so you haven't adjusted for multiple extruders. I just went through and set up for a print with my only multi-print object that I have downloaded (that birdseed scoop, thus the object names). I took some screenshots in Plicer2.0.0 (that's what it looks like you are using).

You need to select multiple extruders in the print setting tab, note the red indicator next to those settings meaning that you need to be in Expert mode. Leave the "Single Extruder Multi Material" unchecked:

Then go to the custom gcode and enter "M600" for the tool change gcode:

I went back to the platter and saw a waste tower object. We don't need that so go into the print settings and disable that:

Finally, return to the platter view and you should be able to select different filaments (if you have different settings for them, extrusion multiplier, print temperature, etc) and also select the extruder number for the different parts:

Printing together like this, while tedious, I think will work better than trying to print them separately and then gluing in as an insert. Especially for fine details. My (untested) gut feeling is that you will have fitting issues that may lead to small bits breaking off when trying to press-fit. It isn't really hard, you just need to schedule the time to sit with the print for a while.

With your phone case model (much like my bird scoop model), you only need to babysit the process until the first surface is done. Once the print starts up the perimeter sides you can relax and let the printer finish on its own.

One more caution... When doing a manual filament change, you will purge a bit over the (as I recall) front right-hand corner of the print bed. You will be tempted to pull the waste filament off once you click "Yes" to the query about the filament color change being complete. Resist this urge. After you click yes, there will be an additional small amount (about 1cm out the nozzle?) purged out while the extruder is moving back to the print to recharge the nozzle pressure. That is easier to pull off the nozzle before it reaches your print if you have a hold of the color-purge, and let that pull the pressure purge from the nozzle.

Posted : 12/09/2019 4:45 am
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