Box for cards - ideal gap (spacing tolerance) between box body and lid (PLA 0.15mm)

Box for cards - ideal gap (spacing tolerance) between box body and lid (PLA 0.15mm)  

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Hi guys, I have designed a box for cards. Body and lid. Classic commercial case design for canasta cards (2 compartments = 54 cards x 2)

Do you have an idea what should be an ideal spacing tolerance between the box body and box lid to be able close the box nice and snug?

Expected material: PLA, 0.15mm.

I believe there should be some slight tolerance.

Attaching the model image with section analysis.

The outer dimensions are 92.5 x 121 x 20 mm

Wall thickness 1mm each part where the parts touch, 2mm basement

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Posted : 31/07/2020 10:17 pm
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0.1mm should do. Bear in mind PLA will soon wear out a bit making the spacing even bigger. There is only a real danger the layers on lid and box will tend to interlock - making lid removal difficult. To counter this, it would be better to print at 0.1mm or even 0.05mm to get as smooth walls as possible.

Looking at your model, I would consider to make the overlapping walls a bit shallower (shorter) and maybe also thicker. PLA is brittle - definitely more brittle than the original polycarbonate box you are tyring to replace. Also, adding chamfered edges would make closing the lid much easier, esp. aligning the box with the lid will be much faster.

Posted : 01/08/2020 2:24 pm
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