bad surface finish on top of support material PLA  

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Hi there,

happy new year to all the printer freaks 🙂 first of all. The thing is a tablet holder. I made it round to be able to rotated the tablet to any angle.

Would anyone have some suggestions how to get a better surface finish and to avoid shrinking?

The part sits on the heat-bed like shown on the first picture, due to contructions and angles more than 60 degrees - I need to print it this way up. The outer diameter is 115mm. I had to use a file eventually to smoothen everything. Support higth is up to 25mm. I use layer hights of 0.15mm and a infill of 15% with gyroid structure.

I print since 4 months and still so facinated!

thanks for your answers

regards and happy printing!


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Posted : 03/01/2020 10:45 am

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