"Z-levelling enforced" error - can't print !  

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I know that the Z-levelling enforced error has been discussed numerous times, but I have failed to find a solution to the problem in the forum.

My I3 MK3S which has been printing continuously for weeks, now refuses to print stopping at the leveling point  8 or 9  announcing a "Z-levelling enforced" error !

I have cleaned the nozzle thoroughly and run a full calibration procedure, which it performs perfectly and wishes me happy printing! However, the Z-leveling enforced error is again repeated and prevents me from printing !!

What can I do to solve the problem ?


Posted : 14/03/2020 8:51 am
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Just to thank everyone who considered this question and to tell that finally MK3S solved this levelling problem all by itself as it should!

After having tried several times and every time it stopped at point 7, 8 or 9 with the message of "Z-levelling enforced", it finally started a print after only having checked the levelling point 1-6, skipping 7-9 !!!

it has now finished the print (23 hours) and functions normally with correct levelling when launching another print.

Thanks again.

Posted : 15/03/2020 10:17 am
Mary Tillios
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I am glad that you managed to solve this problem. I also had such a problem, but forced alignment helped me. There have been no hopeless situations.

Posted : 16/03/2020 1:31 pm
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Thanks Marry. Surely "Z-levelling enforced" sounds like a very constructive message, which should have solved the problem, and finally it seemed have done just that in your case and mine too after all, but when the printer stops all actions after the message, you start getting worried. 

I have no idea why I were stuck and why finally the printer decided to function again (after having checked only point 1-6 !!!). 

The only thing I did was to start another print with a different model (see attached). 

Being a novice in 3D printing I ask myself the question of whether the leveling control before starting printing takes into account the size and placement on the bed of the model to print !! I wouldn't think so.

Posted : 16/03/2020 2:34 pm

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