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Y-carriage upgrade doesn't fit  

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Y-carriage upgrade doesn't fit

I bent my Y-carriage enough to significantly affect my print quality. I've been looking for a replacement/upgrade, and I found the gulfcoast robotics Y-carriage upgrade on Amazon. The holes don't fit. In fact, the holes an all of the Y-carriage replacements/upgrades I've found do not fit. They all seem to be 209mm apart, while mine is 215mm. I've become very confused and frustrated because I haven't found out why they're selling these MK3 "replacements" with incorrect dimensions, and I haven't found any information on if I have some weird version of the MK3 with slightly different holes such that I cannot get any of these upgrades. Any help would be appreciated, even if you could just tell me if your Y-carriage holes are 209mm apart or some other distance.

Posted : 11/11/2019 2:51 am
RE: Y-carriage upgrade doesn't fit

What dimension do you mean? Because you and Amazon are both right. There are 9 holes totally and the distance  between the corner holes on x-axis is really 215 mm and distance between the corner holes on Y-axis is 209 mm

Anyway You can buy it on Prusa e-shop. Dou you have access to spare parts on the Prusa e-shop?  If not contact the online support ,they will arrange it.

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Posted : 11/11/2019 12:39 pm