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Y-Axis not moving  

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Y-Axis not moving

My hotbed would turn off and on, found out it was due to a partially severed wire  due to bending and soldered it back together. Now for some reason the Y-Axis wont move at all and fails the y axis selftest. I can freely move it back and forward and there is no more resistance than usual. Is there anyway to test to see if the motor is faulty or if its happening for a different reason?  Can you damage the motor by moving the hotbed manually?

Posted : 26/09/2019 7:31 pm
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RE: Y-Axis not moving

Solder joint on hot bed will fail - soon. Crimp is better. And fix the reason it was flexing. Sleeve probably not securely captured.

You should not see any flexing at the bed connector.

Y is probably not the motor. Those are pretty robust. More likely a bad connection or Einsy driver. Check all the plugs.

Worst case, I suppose you could plug the Y cable on one of the other axis drivers, like X. See if the servo moves when you manually drive it.

Posted : 26/09/2019 7:42 pm
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RE: Y-Axis not moving

You can swap X and Y motor connections at the EINSY. You can't print that way, but you can see if the motors move.

Posted : 27/09/2019 11:36 am
RE: Y-Axis not moving

For a permanent fix on the heatbed, replace the heatbed wires with silicone insulated flexible wire...   as used on RC Models. 
16AWG for the heater wires, and 24AWG for the thermistor wires. 

Make sure that any joints are made, either inside the einsy case, or on the heatbed side of the heatbed cable clamp. 

make sure that the cable braiding is clamped within the cable clamp on the heatbed and the cable clamp on the einsy case... 
the proper flrxible wire has LOTS of tiny conductors inside the insulation  the flexible silicone 16AGW has 252 conductors where as standard 16AWG cable has 7 conductors, and the Prusa cable has 21 conductors...(I believe)    this makes the reccommended wire MUCH more flexible than the normal prusa wire...

use heat shrink tubing to cover soldered joints on the thermistor cables

use insulated crimp connectors like this for the heatbed power cables,

but it's  best to get these at your local car spares shop, or garage as you only need two ring connectors and two spade connectors, 
consider taking your old cable and your new wires to the local car repairs shop, and see if they will fit the correct connectors for you...  this will probably work out cheaper than doing it yourself...     

regards Joan

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Posted : 27/09/2019 1:38 pm