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X Belt back cover screw not tightening?  

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X Belt back cover screw not tightening?

Decided to swap out a plate from the textured to smooth and before I began other z adjustments etc, I thought it'd be a good time to do a full test and check of everything. This printer has been brilliant and basically printed non stop for a year. Ran a belt test and it failed on the X belt saying it was loose.

Fired up the guide on the prusa site and began undoing the back plate as instructed.

Back plate:

X Belt Cover

X Belt screw location

I noticed the bottom screw was just spinning. It seems this only beds into the plastic and no nut. It doesn't even bite into the hole and I went through the bag of spares, but they all appear to be the same size. Has anyone had this issue before? I am suspecting that vibration over time as loosened it. For the time being, I have used one of the small prusa cable ties to hold it together as there is a bearing here and I suspect this being loose doesn't help with various things like print quality.

I've ordered some PETG and I'm hoping I can reprint both parts for the belt assembly. Is this file available? OR, is there an updated version that includes a nut so it doesn't strip itself out?

Is it worth also replacing the bearings once I can replace this section?

Posted : 06/06/2020 3:56 am