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Weird power supply problem  

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Weird power supply problem

So I have just finished replacing the hot end with an E3D v6 straight from E3D. 24V for my Mk3s

When I hook back up to the power supply... nothing.  No lcd no movement from anything... no sound... nothing

When I disconnect everything and put a meter on the PSU I get ~22.88V

As soon as I hook up to the printer it produces 0V.  Both power outputs. 

When I pull the power cord from the PSU and check continuity across everything I get a dead short across all the connections.

no combination of "things" plugged in or unplugged changes anything.  I am fairly sure I have carried out the obvious but hit me with it anyhow and hopefully, this gets resolved.

I am afraid to send power to the printer with the power panic disconnected but that's just because I haven't found a write-up that describes exactly what it does or what influences it that I feel I understand.  

TLDR: PSU stops supplying power when hooked up to the printer.

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Posted : 16/02/2021 12:11 am
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RE: Weird power supply problem

Was the control board disconnected from the power supply when you found the short circuit? If not, that could explain the power supply reading 0V when connected to the control board. The PSU I would almost guarantee has short circuit protection, which shuts off the power output of the supply if it detects a short. If the control board is shorted somehow, that would cause this. Since you just replaced the hotend maybe there is a wire plugged into the control board that got shorted?

Posted : 17/02/2021 4:08 am