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Weird board with no documentation.  

Goran M.
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Weird board with no documentation.

I have a bad habit of going through einsy boards like no one's business because I'm always modding my prusa bear and working on other printers at the same time and k don't out the motherboard in the einsy box. It just sits next to my printer and sooner or later a nut or a bolt finds it's way next to it or underneath and short circuits something. I have at least 7 in my drawer that are no good. SO i stopped buying the original motherboards but i found this board on AliExpress and ebay also. It says for prusa but i can't find any documentation in it or even how to flash it. It doesn't have a as card slot like a prusa but i don't know what firmware to compile for it. Does anyone have this board or does anyone know how to flash this boards and what firmware? Would love to try it out it's been sitting in my drawer for about 4 months and just found it because i burned out another Rambo and now no printer and need a couple of more parts to finish the voron build.

Posted : 28/11/2021 5:47 am