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Unsmooth starting points  

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Unsmooth starting points

Hey there.

Since a few weeks I have an issue: Whenever the printer starts to print a new layer or a new line, a "dot" appears. this causes the surface to be unclean (see picture and video). Is there anybody else with the same problem or does anybody have a solution?

Prusa I3 MK3S, Prusa Slicer 2.1.0+, newest printer firmware

Thanks in advance for your aid!


Posted : 28/10/2019 12:58 pm
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RE: Unsmooth starting points

Those are seams.  Generally, you set seam position to somewhere they won't be seen. Rear, or aligned work well.   Reducing distortion around a seam requires playing with kfactor calibration, retraction (every filament behaves differently and the same filament behaves differently at every temperature), z-hop, jerk & acceleration settings, layer height, and perimeter print speed.  There isn't a setting that fits all cases. At least, not one I've seen.

Posted : 29/10/2019 12:00 am