Transer file and print from SD Card using USB?  

Cobalt Echo
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Sort of like the title says, I don't want to run the printer off of my PC because it sometimes crashes (unrelated to the printer). But I would like to start the print from my PC.  I'm assuming the print would need to run of the SD Card then.

Posted : 10/10/2020 5:01 pm
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I've never used the onboard SD card, OctoPrint is just so much easier and quicker. The PC dumps the whole GCode file directly from PrusaSlicer to a Pi Raspberry which drip feeds to the printer. After that the PC is only used to display the web interface generated by the Pi Raspberry. It may seem a complex solution but it so much more than GCode upload (or is that download?).

Posted : 10/10/2020 5:31 pm
Cobalt Echo
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I thought about setting up Octoprint, I would have to get (another) pi and set it all up.  Was hoping for something in the mean time.

Posted : 10/10/2020 5:33 pm

Have you looked at Toshiba Flashair? Wifi SD Card... 

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Posted : 10/10/2020 6:36 pm
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Posted by: @joantabb

Have you looked at Toshiba Flashair? Wifi SD Card... 

The bummer is that you can send files to the FlashAir card (or equivalent) but not launch or control the print that way. I think OctoPrint is the simplest way to get actual control (or something equivalent).

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Posted : 11/10/2020 12:46 am

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