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Strange sound coming from printer  

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Strange sound coming from printer

I know that's vague, however I have a video for aid lol. 


So I've been having a rough time with my machine lately, a MK3S. Everything from nozzles dying out, to leaking extruders, and now its finally printing again, but now it makes this strange noise. 


I'm not upset about the sound, really I'm just happy its printing again without failing in the first 15 seconds, but if its something serious then I'd like to fix it if I can. 


Any thoughts? 


Posted : 25/05/2021 11:25 pm
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RE: Strange sound coming from printer

I am not sure I hear the sound you are concerned about.  It sounded fairly normal to me.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 26/05/2021 10:47 am