Some questions about build support, file preparation and clearning of the buildplate

Some questions about build support, file preparation and clearning of the buildplate  

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Hi, I just installed PrusaSlicer 2.20 under Windows 10. I am using the PLA filament that came with the Original Prusa i3 MK3S. Haven't used it for months since the original nameplate test after installation due to family member complaining about the smell.

Anyway, upon opening the software, I noticed that Support is defaulted to None. If I recall correctly, support was automatically determined by the software. Should I change it to "Support on build plate only", "For support enforces only" or "Everywhere". Not sure which is the best option.

If I recall correctly, I just put STL file in the MicroSD card and printed. Am I supposed to load the STL file to PrusaSlicer and then create the G-Code and put the G-Code file into the MicroSD card for printing?

Finally, after printing, how do I clean the buildplate? As I recall, some members suggested using alcohol but when I did that few months ago, some filaments remained remained on the buildplate. I could not remove them.

Posted : 28/03/2020 3:30 pm
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The family member who complained about the smell from PLA must be extremely odor sensitive as the PLA almost lacks odor.
The procedure for printing is to load the STL file into PrusaSlicer, select the material and layer height you want, and then create the gcode file that you save to the SD card.
Regarding support materials, this is best avoided and therefore you try to design the details so that they can be printed without support material. When downloading a model, it is often stated whether support material should be used.
The options "Support on build plate only", "For support enforces only" or "Everywhere" depend entirely on how the model looks. Personally, I avoid support material and have only used it when printing with Flex filaments to enhance the finish of the part.
Remains of filaments on the bed can be removed with the help of the attached spatula. Then clean the bed with detergent and warm water, wipe with paper, it works better than alcohol.

Bear MK3 with Bondtech extruder...
Posted : 29/03/2020 3:39 pm

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