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[Solved] Short on heater. Err: MINTEMP  

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Short on heater. Err: MINTEMP


A few days ago a print got loose from the bed and the a part of the nozzle and heater where a bit burned. So I wanted to clean that and heated the nozzle to 250 degrees and used a steel (stupid) brush to clean it. I made a short on the power cable, I saw the spark :(. No the printer says ERR: MINTEMP. I used another thermistor of another printer to check, still zero. I'm afraid I burned the Einsy board. Does anyone have a tip what I can test or do to make sure the board is faulty now?

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 19/04/2021 6:21 pm
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RE: Short on heater. Err: MINTEMP

It is possible, not very likely but possible, that you have only blown on-board fuses.  They are a quick and cheap check before going further.


Posted : 20/04/2021 12:53 pm