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SD init fail  

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SD init fail

Hi all. 

I want configure Einsy Rambo 1.2b board with new Marlin version, I want connect to my printer 

i2c OLED LCD SSD1306.  Compile Marlin with Platformio , all OK , if start then show message "SD Init Fail"

If remove SD card from SD card slot , on LCD show : "Media Removed" , if insert , show "SD Init Fail".

Can you help with this ? All other working ..


Posted : 04/02/2021 10:04 pm
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RE: SD init fail

I think you need to adjust the firmware.  Where did you purchase the OLED?

Chuck H
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Posted : 05/02/2021 8:48 pm
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RE: SD init fail


Hi. I order it on aliexpress 2.4" I2C oled lcd , working , but problem is so original Prusa lcd with sd card slot , encoder not working also . There is problem with marlin . All other (stepper motor, sensors less homing ) working good .

And this is oled , original Prusa lcd is only for sd card , encoder , etc


Firmware is problem .

Posted : 05/02/2021 9:36 pm