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Resolved (Fixed Filament stuck on PTFEtube)  

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Resolved (Fixed Filament stuck on PTFEtube)

Greetings all you Makers out there, I just recently assembled a MK3s, after getting a few prints completed using PLA, i had mistakenly used an enclosure kit purchased from 3dfitters, and had the Door closed, DO NOT do this as this will increase the Ambient temperature in the box, and will cause filament clogging issues, keep door open. After trying to remove the filament, i would hear the motor clicking, and the filament would not come out. The steps to fix this, follow the steps to expose the hotend ( ), afterwards heatup the smallest wrench that came with the kit, heat up the tip of the screw, and jam it in, you may need to do this a few times, using a lighter to heat up the screw did the trick. Once the blockage has been removed. Retest. Enjoy, please reach back out if you have issues. I will hope to make a video if this issue occurs again, and if people need it. Thank you

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Posted : 14/04/2020 10:32 am