Replaced extruder thermistor still get Mintemp error  

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Ok got a min temp error and replaced the Thermistor on the extruder because it was reading a temp of zero.  No strange symbols and I cannot seem to access any option on the display.  Im not sure what is wrong, could it be the heat source is not working? Any advice would be helpful as it is unusable.

many thanks 

Posted : 14/04/2021 9:56 pm
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Mintemp will prevent you going further until it is resolved.

Is the printer in a cold place? If so then warm it to a comfortable room temperature and the error should clear.

If the error persists check you have connected the new thermistor correctly, if the printer is getting no response from the themistor it will trigger the error.

To check the thermister you need a multimeter.  A working part will have a resistance that varies with temperature, an open circuit suggests a broken wire.


Posted : 15/04/2021 11:07 am

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