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Prusa Roll Stuck At End. Doesnt budge no matter what.  

Johnny Manson
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Prusa Roll Stuck At End. Doesnt budge no matter what.

So here I was, saving the extra $300 to have the gang at Prusa build my printer. Sure, I could have done it myself. But why not have the MASTERS themselves do it. After all. they specialize in this. And I print and print using the roll that came with it, and suddenly, at the very end of the roll, it gets stuck. Cant heat and pull, heat and push, it feels as thought its locked in place. Have tried to functions that remove pla, etc. etc. 

I paid this extra $300 so I didnt have to mess with anything. And yet, here I will probably have to disassemble it to get the prusa brand pla out of it. 

Sticking the cleaner needle is impossible and Im doing anything I can so I dont have to take it all apart. I havent had it a month. 

Now, Im sure the folks who log onto on a daily basis will have all sorts of comments like:

"If youre going to be a 3D printer, you want to disassemble it to know what parts do what"

"Comes with the territory"

"blah blah blah"

It just sucks that I couldnt enjoy my first complete roll of PRUSA brand PLA on the big bad brand new PRUSA printer, paying the extra to have PRUSA build it since they are so much better at it than anyone else, without it malfunctioning. 


Posted : 12/08/2021 2:25 am
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Provide info or contact support

If you'd care to post some pics and relevant info, we might be able to help you. If you're just here to complain, you'd do better to contact Prusa support via chat after logging in to the online store.

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Posted : 12/08/2021 2:42 am
Johnny Manson
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Topic starter answered:

a pic of a piece of pla sticking out the top of the hotend? what other info is there? im in the machine category. we know its prusa pla. pretty cut and dry. 

Posted : 12/08/2021 4:38 am
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Good luck with it. 

My notes and disclaimers on 3D printing and miscellaneous other tech projects
He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates two dimensional thinking. -- Spock in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan...
Posted : 12/08/2021 6:53 am
Dan Rogers
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Ready yet?

It's the end of the roll and it's stuck at the end - not a very clear description.  From you added details, it seems you ran through a roll printing stuff and now you want to know how to load the next roll?  Have you tried "unload filament" and selecting the correct temp (PLA) - you have to do both parts on the control menu, or it won't eject.

If you use "unload filament" and then choose "PLA" on the second step, what happens?  Slow down and describe what happens in detail - does the bed start heating up?  Does the nozzle start heating up?  You can watch these on the control panel info screen - temps should be starting to go up.  If it does heat up you are on your way.  Eventually it will prompt you again to press the button to unload the filament - and you'll have to do some physical work at that point - like pull the little piece of filament out.


Posted : 12/08/2021 7:39 am
RE: Filament end stuck

I suspect that your roll of filament had a bend at the end  where it went through the hub of the reel. 

I suspect that this piece of filament straightened enough to go inside the extruder housing, and past the filament sensor activating ball, causing a 'filament out', indication
and then when the printer tried to eject the remaining stub of filament, the bent end caused the filament to catch inside the extruder housing, rather than eject. 

I would open the Bondtech Idler door,  (Unscrew idler tension screw at left hand side of the extruder, and then flip the idler door open on it's hinge)
Look inside and the filament should be visible, passing through the bondtech gear housing and into the PTFE tube that leads to the hot end. 

i would use a pair of fine flush cut wire cutters to snip the filament just below the bondtech gear, and then use long nose pliers, or tweezers to pull the top part of the filament out of the bondtech housing. 

next, with the extruder heated to the temperature for the filament and in a position where the Nozzle is not blocked, I would use a 1.5mm allen key to push down the filament path from the top, past the bondtech gear and onto the end of the filament, in the PTFE Tube, 
and I would push the filament towards the hot end, this should move the old filament down the PTFE tube and cause some waste to spill out of the nozzle. 

Next I would remove the 1.5mm allen key, 
close the idler door, re fit the idler tension screw with it's tension spring and try loading the new filament

regards Joan

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Posted : 12/08/2021 10:01 am

Yup, more info and pictures might help.  Prices must have gone up.  I have never paid $300 more for an assembled printer.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 12/08/2021 10:33 am