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Print time problems?  

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Print time problems?

Hello there,

Recently I updated the firmware on my MK3S (with MMU2S) to the latest version, 3.7.1. In doing so, something has happened to the print times, which is quite bizarre. Not sure if this is an issue that can be fixed by simply reflashing the firmware, but here it is.

Recently I completed a multicolor lion, which was expected to take 16 hours. However, as a result of loading/unloading in combination with a low-quality yellow PLA filament, it took 37 hours instead. But, when the printer was finished, it said it had taken a whopping 1093 hours!

Again, I checked the total print time, and it said that I had been printing for 289 days, which is longer than I have had the printer for. (Sorry the image is upside down)

Is this problem unique to me, and how do I fix it? It's not an emergency, but it's still an issue nonetheless.

Thank you for your time!


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