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Odd solid fill artifacts after update  

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Odd solid fill artifacts after update

Pardon my lack of jargon here as well as any other forum newbie faux pas I commit. I don't know official names for a lot of stuff. I updated the firmware and got the new Slic3r version, and now I have odd artifacts when doing solid infill in "donut" shapes. When it reaches the point where it can do "long" lines to the edge of the larger circle, it seems to come to a point instead of doing the little "jog" along the outer diameter. You can see this in the picture. Neither the preview in Slic3r as well as the pronterface simulation have these artifacts. They both have a regular pattern. This seems to rule out Slic3r as a culprit (since I'd expect bad gcode to cause pronterface to render incorrectly). Are other folks seeing this sort of artifact in prints since the firmware update?

In addition, the beginning of my prints don't seem to extrude enough filament. In fact filament often doesn't start coming out until the skirt is printed (the resulting mess can be seen in the attachment as well.)

Posted : 28/09/2018 5:07 am