Odd pause after filament runout - LCD cycles through many messages

Odd pause after filament runout - LCD cycles through many messages  

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I have noticed that I get a pause after restarting a print following a filament runout.  I took a video while it happened.  Not shown is that it laid down some material in the purge tower before pausing and then the display cycles through many messages while it is paused.  It eventually resumes - I am just curious why this happens.  In this case, the filament ran out overnight and it was in that state for about 10 hours.  I also loaded a different filament (the one I had loaded before bed was a bit suspect - apparently brittle and it broke overnight).  When I tried restarting this morning, it broke again before it even got started, so I loaded ANOTHER different filament and got it restarted.

I am running the printer with Octoprint, with the printer connected via a custom serial connection cable to the einsy board (from RasPi GPIO).

EDIT:  Oof - i need to clean the mess of material out of my enclosure - excuse the mess!


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Posted : 06/03/2021 5:55 pm

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