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No Recovery after Filament out?  

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No Recovery after Filament out?

Recently I ran into the "filament out" situation for the first time since I owned the Prusa mk3s printer. I overestimated how much filament was left in the spool and the printer stopped at mid-night when the print was 95% done. It prompted the message asking me to press the knob to unload the filament, and I inserted a new spool following the subsequent prompt. After that, the filament came out the extruder and I pressed the knob to confirm the filament was extruding. Then the printer just sat idle at that position, with the extruder and print bed heated. The screen automatically went back to the info screen showing no print was in the process. 

I always remembered seeing the "recovery after the filament out" feature somewhere online before I bought this printer. But after revisiting the mk3s product page, I noticed they only mentioned the power panic and recovery feature.  It is strange that the printer can recover after power panic, but not able to recover from the filament out. If it was designed without this feature, what is the point of putting so much emphasis on how reliable the upgrade filament sensor is? Just to stop the print in time to save some electricity bill?

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Posted : 04/03/2020 7:34 pm