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I've been doing my research. I like what I see of the Prusa 3d printers, however, I've noticed in my trawling of the net a few issues that seem to have remained. The 2.2mm to 2mm heatbreak issue for example for those not using the MMU, another being unhardened rails being shipped out.

I know it might seem odd that I both want to buy a Prusa i3 mk3 and also want to strip out and replace a fair chunk of the hardware the moment it arrives, but there we go...

I'm looking to buy a fair bit, from the non Prusa e3d heatbreak and Thermal compound from E3D and the V6 silicon socks to a full set of Misumi Rods and LM8UU Bearings (probably off ebay at this rate).

One of the items that caught my eye while researching just what I actually want in my 3d printer is the Bear Project. There's a standard version kicking around (in multiple nifty colours) and a different one all in black that claims that due to being pre-drilled for Allen screws, doesn't need the corner reinforcements and is much easier to assemble. I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical of this.

This said, I went ahead and carried on researching. 😀 

Now, one of the things I noticed while watching copious youtube videos is that the Bear Project's x-axis belt tightener needs a dowel pin to keep it in place. Apparently you can cut a screw to size and use that, but that seems.... everything else is being made to spec, people have gone out of their way to make most if not all parts available in metal from what I can tell, but this one dowel pin is.... a bodge job hack... ?!?

I kept researching.

After some trial and lots of error I discovered that if I searched ebay for "2.95mm x 15.8mm Parallel Dowel Pins" (and wasn't getting that search string an utter pain) I found a place in Hong Kong that would ship these little beasts to me.... by the 100.

Needing only 1 I find this.... less than ideal. Admittedly the cost for 100 is less than £5 (at the time of writing this), but do I really want 99 of these things (probably more like 96-98 after I drop and lose the first one and bend the second etc) sitting on the side for the rest of time?

Anyone in the UK or EU at a stretch willing to buy these things in bulk and sell me 5?

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Posted : 25/09/2020 7:45 pm
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Eh, blow it. I'll just have the bag sitting on the side until I figure out what to do with them. If peeps feel like paying for postage I'll even send you a couple of dowels or if you happen to find themselves in Lincolnshire UK, send me a message here and we'll organize something. If I knew of any local groups I'd just throw the bag their way and they can distribute as needed.

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Posted : 26/09/2020 11:59 am
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First get it to work stock then buy add on or exchange parts.  That is the advice I have for you.  

Posted : 26/09/2020 1:29 pm
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I have to agree with Charles. I've run into this in various hobbies and occupations over the years...

Too much research is a dangerous thing. You may run into a few issues that seem like 'trends.' But bear in mind that sometimes it's still a statistical anomaly, and may or may not be an issue. I have a MK3s that's been through a spool and a half or more of PLA, half a spool of PETG, and it's running just fine.

I built mine from a kit. But I also have a pretty solid electromechanical background, and there are some things that I'm just used to. I'm not familiar with the issues you described. Hardened rods, I can't speak to. But other issues with assembly and tensioning things... my first reaction is that you're worried about issues that aren't even in front of you yet. And my experience with fixing or modifying things, is that you really need to be in context before you can really gauge how well something is or isn't working.

Start with the printer out of the box. Fix the issues that YOU have.

Posted : 28/09/2020 1:15 am
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Yup.  The enemy of good is better.  You fix it by breaking it.  

Posted : 28/09/2020 1:18 am
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This is a common thing when getting into a new hobby. It's also a sure path to frustration. Hell I've done it several times over the years and it never goes well. 

Get printing, get comfortable with filaments and settings, there's PLENTY to fiddle with before worrying about upgrades.  You're not going to appreciate the difference in the rods or the bearings out of the gate, it's like buying a 240hz monitor before you've ever played a video game.

As to your specific post, be the change you want to see in the world, spend the cash and sell the remainder in pairs on eBay for £1.  Or buy the m3 screw and hack it up, you're in maker territory, it's not all pretty and prefab. Alternatively, the US Bear Project site sells the part for $1.50.

Posted : 28/09/2020 5:41 am
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Thank you all for the advice.  Got a few of the cheaper bits ordered (like the heat socks which just seem like a good idea) and the replacement heatbreak 'cos that looks like something I'll probably run into for what I want to build. I haven't got the Bear project frame in the end, though I will eventually just 'cos I like the look. Need to print all the parts before I make the change over anyway.

Posted : 30/09/2020 1:06 pm

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